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Attending a lecture

We compile a schedule of classes (fall semester only) that will give prospective students an introduction to the academic life at UC Berkeley. This list is known as the Class Pass, though no actual pass is required.

Class Pass classes are generally some of the largest lectures on campus, but they only represent one type of learning opportunity. Berkeley offers many small classes, undergraduate research, and seminars. Average class size is about 30 students, and our student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1.

Class Pass Tips

  • The Class Pass is available in late September-November with the schedule available in mid-September. During the spring and summer (January-August), our lecture halls cannot accommodate the number of visitors who want to observe classes. If you want to attend a lecture during the spring semester or summer sessions, please contact the department directly. Attending classes is not available on weekends or university holidays.
  • The Class Pass is not intended for groups, but only for individuals or small families.
  • When attending a class, please observe classroom etiquette:
    • Arrive on time (Berkeley classes start 10 minutes after the time listed, a practice known on campus as “Berkeley Time”) and remain for the entire class.
    • Take seats at the back of the hall.
    • Even though classes are extremely interesting, please don’t ask questions or participate in discussion as a visitor.
  • Some courses may be unavailable to visitors without notice, for example, because of exams.

If you have any questions, please contact Visitor & Parent Services at 510-642-5215, or

Classes are chosen for their benefit to prospective students, how they showcase the quality of UC Berkeley’s faculty, and the diversity of the material covered. They are generally the campuses’ large introductory courses, and visitors will not interfere with normal classroom activity.

Please attend only those classes on the Class Pass list. Unfortunately, some departments do not offer classes that fit Class Pass criteria or may not be offering such classes this semester. If a department you are looking for is not on the list, please consider attending a different course.

We don’t recommend that you forego all or part of the campus tour in order to attend a class. For prospective students, the guided tour by student ambassadors provides a more comprehensive introduction to the campus than a classroom visit. Sitting in on a class complements the campus tour, it doesn’t replace it.