Attending a Lecture

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Normally, we compile a schedule of classes that will give prospective students an introduction to the academic life at UC Berkeley. We were unable to offer this in Fall 2022 and are hopeful for Fall 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Visitor & Parent Services at 510-642-5215 or

Why were these particular courses chosen?

Classes are chosen for their benefit to prospective students, how they showcase the quality of UC Berkeley’s faculty, and the diversity of the material covered. They are generally the campuses’ large introductory courses, and visitors will not interfere with normal classroom activity.

Can I attend classes not on this list?

Please attend only those classes on this list. Unfortunately, some departments do not offer classes that fit our criteria or may not be offering such classes this semester. If a department you are looking for is not on the list, please consider attending a different course.

Some of these courses conflict with the tour; should we skip the tour and attend class instead?

We don’t recommend that you forego all or part of the campus tour in order to attend a class. For prospective students, the guided tour by student ambassadors provides a more comprehensive introduction to the campus than a classroom visit. Sitting in on a class complements the campus tour; it doesn’t replace it.

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