UC Visitors Services Forum – April 29, 2016



8:30 am Check-in, refreshments  
9:00 am Welcome and introductions

La Dawn Duvall, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Visitor & Parent Services

9:15 am Welcome

Claire Holmes, Associate Vice Chancellor, UC Berkeley Communications and Public Affairs

10:00 am Roundtable 1: Student ambassadors: The role of leadership teams in training, development, mentoring, and evaluation of their peers


  • La Dawn Duvall, Executive Director, Visitor & Parent Services, UC Berkeley
  • Risa Farrell, Campus Tours Coordinator, UC San Diego
  • Lynn Bajorek, student ambassador and Leadership Team member, UC Berkeley
  • Frank Heyward, campus representative, UC Irvine
11:00 am Break  
11:15 am Campus tour  
12:15 pm Lunch

Working With Parents

David Ortega, Director, UC Berkeley Parent Services

1:30 pm Roundtable 2: More requests/fewer means. Maximizing the visitor experience with limited resources

Introduction: Juan Vellegas, Associate Director, UC Merced Admissions & Outreach

2:30 pm Break  
2:45 pm Roundtable 3: Program Evaluation: How do you know if you’re successful?
Roqua Montez, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Communications & Media Relations
3:45 pm Wrap-up

Glenda Rubin, Assistant Director, UC Berkeley Visitor Services


General Information and Links

  • Forum location:  The Seaborg Room at the Faculty Club on the Berkeley campus.
  • Travel directions
  • Interactive campus map:  http://www.berkeley.edu/map
  • Printable campus map: http://www.berkeley.edu/pdf/campusmap.pdf
  • Parking: Underhill parking garage, on the 2600 block of Channing Way (between College Avenue and Bowditch Street, 2 blocks from the campus).  A campus ambassador will be at the garage entrance from 8:00-9:00 am to give you a parking permit.
  • Walking directions from the garage to the Faculty Club:  Exit onto Channing way and turn right towards the hills. At the first corner, College Avenue, turn left.  In two blocks, at College Avenue and Bancroft Way, enter the campus into Kroeber Plaza. Bear left slightly and walk between Hertz Hall and Morrison Hall.  The Faculty Club, a wood Arts & Crafts building will be a short distance on your right.
  • Contact information:
    • Glenda’s mobile number: 510-932-6607
    • Visitor Center: 510-642-5215
  • Campus wifi: CalVisitor


UC Berkeley

  • La Dawn Duvall, Executive Director, Visitor & Parent Services
  • Glenda Rubin, Assistant Director and Tour Coordinator, Visitor Services
  • Jeff Marble, Information Coordinator, Visitor Services
  • David Ortega, Director, Parent Services
  • Leadership team members: Jason Allenstein, Aditi Asthana, Lynn Bajorek, James Bradley, Isabella Brandes, Humair Burney, Kelly Cai, Lena Horvath, Justin Johnson, Derek Schatz; and Laura Shenk, Cal Parents intern – as class schedules permit

UC Davis

  • Lanette Bingaman-Rodriguez, Visitor Services Manager
  • Brenda Fudge, Associate Director, Admissions Advising
  • Azeema Yahya, Student public adviser

UC Irvine

  • Bryan Jue, Public Information Manager
  • Ronald Whitenhill, Programs Coordinator
  • Frank Heyward, Student campus representative
  • Nida Fatima, Student campus representative

UC Merced

Juan Villegas, Associate Director, Admissions & Outreach

UC Riverside

  • Griselda Rodriguez, Visitor Relations Manager
  • Julie Salgado, Special Events & Tours Manager, Housing Services Administration

UC  Santa Cruz

  • Beatrice Atkinson-Myers, Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Susan Burrowes, Campus Tours Manager

UC San Diego

  • Risa Farrell, Campus Tours Coordinator, Admissions Officer