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Alexa T

Class of 2020 Hometown: Claremont, CA Majors: Psychology, Interdisciplinary Studies Campus Involvement: UC Rally Committee, Kaiser Permanente Analytic Intern, Cal Rotaract, Undergraduate Researcher in the School of Public Health with Dr. Ann Keller, Senior Class Council Fun Fact: I am a pyrotechnic! It all started when I was a UC Cannoneer at Cal.

Allison W

Class of 2020 Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, CA Major: Conservation & Resource Studies Campus Involvement: UC Cannoneer for the UC Rally Committee, Member of the Student Organic Garden Association, Member of the Conservation and Resources Studies Student Organization (CRSSO) Fun Fact: I spent my Fourth of July week working several different fireworks shows, some of them hand fired!

Annie H

Class of 2020 Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA Major: Legal Studies Campus Involvement: Kappa Alpha Theta, Human Rights DeCal Facilitator, Cal in the Capital, The Daily Californian Fun Fact: I have 8 dogs at home!

Anton B

Class of 2022 Hometown: Burlingame, CA Majors: Economics, Data Science Campus Involvement: Cal Band, Department of Statistics Undergraduate Student Instructor, Economics Research Assistant Fun Fact: I speak Russian fluently!

Ariana H

Class of 2021 Hometown: Fresno, CA Major: Media Studies Minor: Journalism Campus Involvement: Spoon University Fun Fact: I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did it would be mostly food-related — eating at famous restaurants, meeting certain chefs, learning to cook different foods, etc.

Caroline G

Class of 2020 Hometown: Pacific Grove, CA Major: Anthropology Minor: Scandinavian Campus Involvement: Director of Stunts for the UC Rally Committee, Hearst Museum Visitor Engagement Associate, Hearst Museum Collections Intern Fun Fact: I can translate Old Norse.

Conrad B

Class of 2020 Hometown: Chicago, IL Major: Chemistry Minor: English Campus Involvement: UC Rally Committee, Cal History, Spirit, and Traditions DeCal, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, Golden Bear Orientation, chemistry research Fun Fact: My full name is composed of three last names: my grandma’s maiden name, my mom’s maiden name, and my dad’s last name.

Dean L

Class of 2020 Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA Majors: Economics, Psychology Campus Involvement: UC Rally Committee, Golden Bear Orientation, Behavioral Research Lab at the Haas School of Business, Sage Mentorship Program Fun Fact: In high school, I learned the dance to Beyoncé’s “Formation” (but it was not very pretty).

Elsa W

Class of 2020 Hometown: Altadena, CA Majors: Political Science, Spanish Campus Involvement: Project SMILE, URAP in Public Health, Study Abroad in Spain and Chile, Delta Delta Delta Sorority Fun Fact: I just spent the last 6 months studying abroad in Chile!

Gabriella C

Class of 2020 Hometown: Livermore, CA Major: Media Studies Campus Involvement: UC Rally Committee, Business Careers in Entertainment Club, Best Buddies, Digital Marketing Director of Coaching Corps at Cal Fun Fact: Although I am from the Bay Area, a lot of my family lives in Rochester, New York, so I am a big Yankees fan!

Henry K

Class of 2023 Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Major: Computer Science Minor: Marine Science Campus Involvement: CS10 Course Lab Developer and Academic Intern Fun Fact: My high school was at an island off the coast of South Korea. You could even see the ocean from the school library and it was awesome!

Jiyoo J

Class of 2022 Hometown: Placentia, CA Majors: Operations Research & Management Science, Computer Science Minor: Global Poverty & Practice Campus Involvement: Vice President of Women Entrepreneurs @ Berkeley, Co-Founder of Versara (Berkeley Skydeck Startup), Program Assistant for the American Cultures Center at UC Berkeley Fun Fact: I’ve dyed my hair every color in the rainbow and more!

Joey K

Class of 2020 Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA Majors: Economics, Statistics Campus Involvement: University of California Marching Band, The Daily Californian Fun Fact: I own too much Cal gear.

John U

Class of 2021 Hometown: Saratoga, CA Major: Data Science Minor: Computer Science Campus Involvement: Data Science Research Assistant, Codeology, Intramural Sports, CS88 Lab Assistant, Fun Fact: I binge-watched all of Friends in 1.5 weeks in high school!

Lianne F

Class of 2020 Hometown: Mountain View, CA Major: Psychology Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Marketing Association, The Daily Californian, Social Psychology Research Assistant, Ballet DeCal Instructor Fun Fact: I spent 3 weeks this summer backpacking in Yunnan China!

Luke B

Class of 2020 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Majors: Geography, Society & Environment Campus Involvement: Cal Student Philanthropy, Bay Area JusticeCorps Fun Fact: I have travelled to 44 of the 50 U.S. states!

Lynne H

Class of 2020 Hometown: North Lake Tahoe, CA Majors: Cognitive Science, Media Studies Campus Involvement: Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Cognitive Science Student Association, Cal Ski & Snowboard Team Fun Fact: I spent a semester studying abroad in the Netherlands, and during my time there, I visited fourteen countries and learned how to say ‘thank you’ in seven languages.

Mathias T

Class of 2020 Hometown: Kingsburg, CA Majors: Molecular & Cell Biology, Data Science Minor: Chemistry Campus Involvement: Berkeley Medical Journal, Songwriting at Berkeley Fun Fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue!

Megan G

Class of 2020 Hometown: Signal Hill, CA Major: Cognitive Science Campus Involvement: FIRST Robotics Competition Team Fun Fact: I have a bearded dragon named Viserion.

Meghan T

Class of 2020 Hometown: Fullerton, CA Major: Political Science Minor: Demography Campus Involvement: Blue and Gold Yearbook, Intramural Office Staff, Yali’s Cafe Barista Fun Fact: I have the last names of every US president memorized in order because my 3rd grade teacher said she would give us a ruler with pictures of all the presidents on it if we did it.

Peter P

Class of 2020 Hometown: Anaheim, CA Major: Chemical Biology Campus Involvement: Cal Lightweight Rowing, Cholera and Phage Genetics Research (Seed Lab) Fun Fact: I went through a culinary arts program for three years in high school, and at the end I realized I liked the experimental aspect of it – which led me to my love of chemistry!
Rachel L

Rachel L

Class of 2020 Hometown: Ellicott City, MD Majors: Cognitive Science, Legal Studies Campus Involvement: Senior Resident Assistant, Hiring and Training Coordinator for Residential Life Fun Fact: I have a YouTube channel where I post fun Berkeley-related videos and a podcast where I talk about the TV Show Survivor!

Reed L

Class of 2020 Hometown: Escondido, CA Majors: Society & Environment, Geography Campus Involvement: Artists in Resonance a cappella, Summer Intern in Washington D.C. for Congressman Alan Lowenthal Fun Fact: My dog is half coyote!

Sam A

Class of 2021 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Major: Political Science Minor: Public Policy Campus Involvement: Berkeley Hillel, Cal Sports Club, UCDC Fun Fact: I share a birthday with one of my brothers but we aren’t twins, we are three years apart to the day.

Sarah D

Class of 2020 Hometown: Lafayette, CA Major: Architecture Minor: Spanish Language & Literature Campus Involvement: College of Environmental Design Student Ambassador, Bear Talk Blogger, Intramural Soccer Fun Fact: I have gone sledding on the glaciers of Mt. Denali in Alaska.