How to Stay Focused During Quarantine

February 28, 2021

Taking classes during quarantine is already hard enough…you also want me to stay focused?! This request is absurd for some folks. Today, I’ll show you a few ways in which you can not only stay concentrated in your work or studies for long periods of time, but you can also voluntarily shift your focus at anytime you want.If you want to see how, then read further! I will show you the steps in which you can do this as simple as possible.

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How to Stay Focused in Quarantine

Have you ever just woken up and hit the snooze button because your body and mind feels exhausted? If you said YES, then this is where you must start to reconnect with yourself. In order to stay focused during quarantine, you MUST have a disciplined morning routine that allows your body and mind to be in a peak state throughout the day. A wasted morning will just set you up to be less productive during the day. Many students and individuals in the workforce wake up and automatically use their phone. They swipe until their morning’s gone…

If you knew about the important tasks that you had to complete in the morning, then you wouldn’t be swiping on your phone or hitting that snooze button. Now that you have a defined purpose of waking up, it will be easier to start your morning routine. THIS 1ST STEP, waking up and immediately getting out of bed (while not using your phone), is something that majority of college students and adults do not do. If you accomplished this step, then you already surpassed many of your peers..congratulations!

These next few steps, which is the main bulk of the morning routine used by highly successful entrepreneurs, such as Dwayne Johnson, include doing a morning exercise, meditating, and eating a healthy breakfast. By working out in the morning, you increase your serotonin and endorphin levels. These regulate your mood and appetite while promoting your wellbeing and happiness. By releasing all these “good” chemicals for your body early in the morning, not only will you be in a motivated state to tackle your day, but it will also serve as a healthy habit to develop into the long term future. Typically, after doing a morning workout, your body would be sweaty and energized…what’s better than a warm shower to revitalize and cleanse your body?

A word of advice: When taking showers in the morning, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR WATER AT A COLD TO WARM TEMPERATURE. NEVER HOT! The reason why is because taking hot showers will relax your muscles completely and you will feel too comfortable to do anything.

After working out and showering, MEDITATE AND CALM YOUR MIND! Meditation helps you release stress and calms your nerves down. The activity will help you increase your concentration and attention. By focusing on your breathing and pulse, you are able to go into a tranquil state that allows you to practice your ability to focus. Meditation can be followed by EATING A HEALTHY BREAKFAST! The most important habit to build in the morning is to fuel your body with nutritious foods that strengthen your mind and muscles. Drink orange juice or a protein shake. Eat some oatmeal or create your own Acai Greek Yogurt Bowl! As you are eating that meal, think of a couple of tasks that you would like to have completed by TODAY. LONG TERM SUCCESS COMES FROM THE BATTLES THAT WE HAVE DAILY!

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