My Favorite Eating Spots Around Campus

March 23, 2023

There are so many amazing eating spots around the UC Berkeley campus that are all available for students to go enjoy. The amazing thing about Berkeley is that our food scene is largely dominated by local restaurants and there aren’t too many fast food restaurants around, making Berkeley completely unique. Whether you are looking for Thai food, an Italian meal, Vietnamese cuisine or simply a hamburger, there is a wealth of food to be had in Berkeley, California.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil is located within the Asian food court on Durant Avenue, offering students an amazing meal close to campus. Whether you are looking to get chicken satay, pad thai, egg rolls, pad see-ew or anything else Thai, Thai Basil is a great place to go. I often get their chicken satay and it always hits the spot as well as offering sides like rice and cucumber salad. Overall, Thai Basil is an amazing place to go get a quick Thai meal.


Freshroll is less than one block away from Sproul Plaza and offers top-tier Vietnamese food in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a quick bite, Freshroll is definitely worth trying as you can get a freshroll sandwich (which is similar to a banh mi), a garlic noodle bowl or freshrolls. All of their menu items taste amazing and offer a quick bite of Vietnamese food that fits perfectly with the busy schedule of a college student.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, students call it Artichoke for short, is the place to satisfy your pizza cravings. The slices at Artichoke are massive and well worth their price as they provide a filling meal for not too high a price. Further, the pizzas themselves have great taste and the restaurant is open late into the night, making it perfect for late night munchies. Artichoke offers four types of pizza: the classic artichoke, pepperoni, margherita and vodka. All of their pizzas are raved about and the restaurant is usually very popular.

Seoul Hotdog

Seoul Hotdog is on the northside of campus and is another popular place for a quick bite. Seoul Hotdog makes Korean hotdogs which allows patrons to mix and match in order to create their perfect combo. Personally, I enjoy getting the mozzarella and sausage hotdog with a potato crust but there are so many different fillings and crusts that you can add. After you get your hotdog, you can add a sugar coat onto it as well and they even have sauces that you could try! If you’re on the northside of campus, then definitely check out Seoul Hotdog.

Little Gem

Little Gem is the spot for a late night desert. Little Gem sells Belgian waffles and is open from noon to midnight and offers a variety of Belgian waffle desserts for patrons. I enjoy getting the strawberry and nutella waffle but the waffles can be upgraded all the way to having ice cream. Little Gem is a staple in Berkeley nightlife as there are always students crowded around its doors, waiting for a delicious dessert.


Plentea is a boba shop located right next to Unit 3 and it is definitely worth trying at least once. The best thing about Plentea is that the drinks are served in a glass bottle that you get to keep. These glass bottles make great water bottles, flower vases or even just cups that can be used everyday. Beyond the glass bottle, Plentea is not even very expensive – especially considering the fact that you are getting a glass bottle with your drink! The drinks are a tasty treat as well; I personally prefer the nutella milk tea. Definitely check out Plentea the next time you’re in Berkeley!

Now you know a few of my favorite places to eat around campus, but this list is tiny and there are so many other places to eat and enjoy amazing food. One thing that I will mention is the app Snackpass. Snackpass is an app that lets you order food ahead at a variety of restaurants around Berkeley and it is an essential app to have as a Berkeley student, so definitely go download it. Happy eating!