Campus visits

Self-Guided Tours & Maps

Self-Guided Tours & Maps

We welcome you with open arms on our campus with a variety of guided and self-guided tours and maps. While you are on campus, check out our instagrammable places!

Virtual Campus Experience through YouVisit

Wander the campus virtually through our new...

Free Guided Walking Tours

Free guided accessible walking tours for individuals and families

We offer free 90-minute accessible walking tours of the campus seven days a week, rain or shine. Applying to Berkeley? Tourist? Nostalgic alum? A campus tour is perfect for you! Our expert tour guides are student ambassadors who cover academics, history of the University, health & safety, athletics, student life, and much more. The tour outlines our residence halls and dining options, but does not include...

Special Group & Private Walking Tours

Thank you for your interest in booking a special group tour or private walking tour with special accommodations. Our Fall 2023 tours are available for booking! Please note we only have a modest offering this semester. At the bottom of the page, you can put your name on our list to be notified when the Spring 2024 booking calendar becomes available in late January or early February.

What Constitutes a Special Group?

A special group is any party of 10 or more people. This can include a large family, school group (grades 6th and up only),...

Golf Cart Tours

Visitor Services offers one-hour golf cart tours of the campus for visitors with limited mobility only. If you have limited mobility, please email with your request and clearly detail your special accommodation requirement so that we may approve the golf cart tour.

The information presented on a golf cart tour is the same information you would receive on our...

Admitted & Waitlisted Student Tours

Congratulations on being admitted or waitlisted to UC Berkeley!

We heartily congratulate you on this momentous achievement and want you to join us on a guided walking tour of UC Berkeley.

We welcome you to join us any date that works for you! We offer our free guided walking tours daily, including weekends, from 9:30-11am. You can either simply show up at the Visitor Center 15 minutes prior to the tour and say you are a newly admitted student or email us at...

Information for UC Berkeley Staff/Faculty [campus tour request]

Visitor Services provides specialized tours for groups coordinated and requested by UC Berkeley staff and faculty. Subjects covered include history, traditions, academics, research, and student life. Please read the entirety of this page before requesting a tour.

Please note that this form is for internal use only. You must be a UC Berkeley staff or faculty with an email address.

Availability depends on the time of year. Dates in between semesters are considerably harder to find a tour guide. We are unable to give tours during the RRR...

Residence Hall Virtual Tours

To support student's privacy and health safety, Cal Housing does not offer in-person tours of our residence halls and insteads offers a variety of interactive virtual tours! Please visit the Cal Housing website for information.

While on campus, Cal Dining encourages visitors to eat at the Crossroads Dining Commons....

Fun Things To Do Around the Bay

March 30, 2023

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

The UC Berkeley Botanical Garden is an amazing place to spend your time on a nice, sunny day. The garden offers the perfect day for nature lovers and is extremely relaxing. The garden itself is massive and is somewhere I have spent hours wandering up and down the different paths and enjoying the scenery. Beyond the beauty of the garden, there are plants from all over the world and they are all sectioned off so you can feel as if you are stepping into a new continent in each section. The crown jewel, in my opinion,...

Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors lead tours and guide the Berkeley experience for our 175,000 annual campus guests. As representatives and advocates for the university, ambassadors personify the excellence and diversity of the campus community while telling their Berkeley stories.

Want to connect with a current ambassador below? Email us at with the name of the ambassador and we will connect you! Please note we are unable to accept requests for in-person tours given by a particular tour guide.