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Pre-Cal Day Excitement – The Seasoned Campus Ambassador’s Perspective

April 12, 2024

I didn’t get a Cal Day. The admitted first-year class of 2025 and transfer classes of 2023 were the resilient classes, the transitional classes, as we entered a new sense of normalcy with the pandemic. I came to Cal without the Cal Day experience, no tour of campus, no committing on the Glade or Sproul Plaza with newly-made friends, none of that. Cal Day was new to me when I became a Campus Ambassador. The first time I heard about it was when I was in a staff meeting, and our Leadership Team began to talk about the Day’s festivities. It was a Cal Day in this new normal. The first Cal...

What I Love About Being a Campus Ambassador (Other Than Giving Tours)

March 11, 2024

When I was first interested in the Campus Ambassador role, I figured giving tours was the entire job. I had no idea of all the other roles, or as I like to call them, side quests, that tack onto the title. We cover a vast range of operations, ranging from running the Campanile, staffing the Koret Visitor Center, and executing large community events. While I love giving tours, I’ve really enjoyed dabbling in these other roles as well. I’m still pretty new to “campus ambassadoring” but here’s what has stuck out to me so far.

Learning about Berkeley ...

Diary of an RA: Finishing the First Year

April 27, 2023

So, this year was a bit of a challenge… but in a really good way. I wanted to give back to my community. When I was a first-year, I applied to be a Resident Assistant as a fun way to get involved in my community and to make a change in those around me. I got hired and was super excited to see what was ahead for me. But, transitioning from Resident to Resident *Assistant* was more challenging than I anticipated. Nonetheless, I preserved.

I started training in August and met the amazing staff of 20 fellow RAs. They are all super cool. I also met...

What It's Like to Intern Abroad

March 14, 2023

I am an impulsive person. While some of my rash decisions have led to some little regrets, I can safely say that my decision to go abroad was one of the most rewarding experiences in my undergraduate career. In this article, I’ll walk you through my process of internships abroad as well as tips for your own study abroad journey!

When I got to college, I knew that I wanted to, at some point, go abroad. Up to this point in my life, the furthest I’d lived from home was in Berkeley (which isn’t that far from Los Angeles). I wanted a chance to...

A Semester in Washington, D.C.

December 23, 2022

As I stood inside the Capitol Rotunda, offering a tour to a group of constituents, suddenly a huddle of U.S. Senators emerged from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and quickly breezed past me to make their way to the Senate floor. As they traveled past me, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to work inside our nation’s capitol and intern for the U.S. Congress. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would never have been possible without my involvement in the University of California, Washington D.C. (UCDC) program. ...