Becoming a campus ambassador

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Ready to join our team? 

Campus ambassadors are some of the most influential people on campus. For 175,000 annual campus guests, a student ambassador is the first person they have contact with, shaping visitors’ first impressions of the university. As representatives and advocates for the university, they personify the excellence and diversity of the campus community.

Being a campus ambassador is a fun, varied and flexible job. Students who are excited about the chance to share their college experience with campus visitors are encouraged to apply. We accept applications once a year in early fall. Applicants in Fall 2024 must be current Berkeley students graduating in Spring 2026 or later.

Read from current ambassadors what they think about the job:

If selected, the required in-person audition occurs in Berkeley in September TBA. If hired, the required in-person orientation occurs in Berkeley in September TBA.Neither of these requirements can be made up on another day. Please make sure these dates are held on your calendar.

If you have any questions, please email

What does being an ambassador mean?

Sharing the history and culture of the campus, as well as their experiences as a Berkeley student, ambassadors help people get to know and appreciate UC Berkeley. As prospective students and their families primarily gain knowledge about a university though campus tours, campus ambassadors can play an important role in college decisions.

What kind of work do ambassadors do?

Campus ambassadors lead tours, serve visitors at the Visitor Center and the Campanile, and staff special events such as Cal Day, the Berkeley Showcase, and Homecoming, as well as a growing number of other unique assignments. Visitor Services offers walking tours for individuals and families (prospective and newly admitted students, tourists, and alumni) and groups (middle and high school students, distinguished guests, donors, guests of campus departments, and government officials). Tours are usually 60-90 minutes long. At the Visitor Center, ambassadors act as campus concierges by greeting guests, signing guests in for tours, providing information, and answering questions. At the Campanile (Sather Tower), ambassadors staff the ticket desk and assist in elevator operation.

What are the work hours during the fall and spring semesters? How many hours a week do you work?

Visitor Services operates seven days a week! Ambassadors are scheduled to work as their availability permits. During the Fall and Spring semesters, ambassadors must be available to work a minimum of 10 hours on weekdays between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm with additional hours on the weekends, work at major campus events, and attend monthly staff meetings. Ambassadors must be available at least one day a week (Monday-Sunday) to give our 9:15-11:00am guided walking tour. This results in actual work of 5-7 hours a week with opportunities to pick up additional shifts. Being an ambassador is a fun and rewarding job, but know that it provides a limited number of hours of work per week. We accept workstudy students, but it's not required.

What is the summer work commitment?

New ambassadors are required to work in-person for 6 consecutive weeks during their first summer (in Berkeley). For Summer 2024, this term may either be May 20th to June 28th ("Early Summer" during Summer Sessions A) and/or July 1st to August 9th ("Late Summer" during Summer Sessions D). During the 6 summer weeks, ambassadors will be required to work approximately 10-20 hours per week encompassing 4-7 days a week, including weekends. Many ambassadors also choose to take summer courses, engage in research (part-time only), or pursue an internship (part-time only). We will discuss your specific Summer working term(s) in Spring 2024 and we encourage you to work the entire summer with us! Returning ambassadors are very welcome to work future summers, but it is not required.

What do you look for when hiring a campus ambassador?

We look for students who reflect the diversity of the student population, are active on campus and in the community, love to share their enthusiasm for the university, and have customer service experience. Speaking another language is a plus, but not required.

How does the application process work?

Submit your application by the published deadline. Qualified applicants will be invited to a comprehensive group audition. Hiring and training take place in the fall semester. New ambassadors will be ready to lead tours by March.


  • 1. You can entertain your friends and parents for hours with Berkeley facts
  • 2. You meet visitors from around the world
  • 3. You help people make good decisions about choosing a school